Take a Gander: Photos of
Mama Jean, Jamie & Co.

Mama Jean's Wedding Announcement Photo

Earl & Mama Jean on their wedding day, April 24, 1965

Mama Jean with her Jamie doll

Show time!

The official Jane Butler portrait

Christmas morning: Mama Jean is wearing the velour robe of "there are only two kinds of sex" fame.

Brother love: with Ronny (top) & Jeffrey (right)

Mama Jean & Dad drinking hurricanes at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans

Dangerous when wet

Mama Jean & Fifth Grade Jamie

Happy New Year!

Stockbroker Mama Jean

Mama Jean & Dad in Mexico

Mutual adoration society

Mama Jean launching Jamie into New York

Jamie, 22 (photo by Michahaze)

With Michahaze in happier times

A toast to that invincible bunch

Mama Jean's boys: with brothers Ronny (center) & Jeffrey (right)

Mama Jean in her dream house with a flute of Christmas cheer: Asti Spumante.

The tobacco leaf rabbit. She wanted a frog.

Jamie's in focus and the martini isn't. Soon it would be the reverse.

30th birthday revelry with Michahaze

Mama Jean lounging in a caftan in the not-so-secret garden of her boudoir.

Diva in a limo

Post-party with Dad

Mama Jean where she was most comfortable: in a car and a fur coat (the lynx).

Smith & MJ the night Smith dubbed her Mama Jean

The last Christmas party with Liz

Rehab case manager Dave

Michahaze & (almost sober) Jamie

The Czechoslovakian glass bowl, aka "The rehab bowl."

Mama Jean's obit photo (taken the night she earned her name)

Wearing the Crawford Scarf

Wearing Mama Jean's lynx while signing the DWW book contract.

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